ballroom Blitz is a fortnightly look at creative and comms industry news, curated articles, and anything else that has grabbed our attention. From our Creative Director, Ben Horsley.

After this short but sweet piece by our MD Kate, I'm winding down* before taking two weeks out to drive the length and breadth of Croatia. It's become an unintentional habit to book 5-day or 10-day holidays, and looking back, I don't think it's quite long enough to truly switch off. So here goes. But before I disappear in a cloud of tyre smoke, here's what's grabbed our attention over the last two weeks.

*frantically ploughing through my inbox

The Metropolitan Police have launched this bold and simple internal campaign, which aims to make officers aware of the early signs of child abuse. The campaign will run for a whole year, and hopes to reach all 44,000 of the Met's employees. I really like this. No puns, no images, no wordplay – just simple and clear creative with a strong message.

44,000 is a tremendous amount of staff, and within that workforce or any business there will be many young employees who are tech-savvy. So the traditional IC channels won't always be enough to cut through the noise. How do you make internal comms interesting for them? Tamanna Mishra at has put together this great piece on making engagement entertaining.

"It is 2017, and your social media-savvy workforce is your biggest brand ambassador for potential customers, partners, and employees. Why wouldn’t you cater to their distinct taste when you engage them?"

And finally, Cosmopolitan magazine have caused in stir in the comms industry with a 'character assassination piece' on what an IC Strategist is. Of course, this is satire and is surely meant to be taken with a ginormous pinch of salt. But it's certainly rubbed a few professionals up the wrong way. Are people taking it too seriously? I think so.

You can stereotype just about every job from any industry in some way or another. Being a "creative" I've lost count of the amount of misconceptions and assumptions about my character traits. I honestly don't spend all day stroking my beard, drinking coffee, and browsing Instagram.

Whilst I appreciate the efforts by many to professionalise the perception of their roles, you absolutely have to laugh at yourself from time-to-time, right? Now where's that coffee?