ballroom Blitz No. 002

August 8th, 2017 Posted by Communications, Digital, Our opinion 1 comment on “ballroom Blitz No. 002”

ballroom Blitz is a fortnightly look at creative and comms industry news, curated articles, and anything else that has grabbed our attention. From our Creative Director, Ben Horsley.

It’s holiday season at tbbr, with our people taking well-earned breaks near and far. But it’s not all cocktails and queuing. Kate and Shaneen are heading east in the coming weeks to continue the growth of theblueballroom Asia. Whilst there they’ll meet with our newest client, the Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Group – a tremendously prestigious and diverse company who we are very excited to be working with. Which leads us on nicely to…

…this great piece from Australian Business Traveller. They were granted access last month to the exclusive China Clipper Lounge at Hong Kong’s Peninsula Hotel (a brand that make up a large part of HSH Group). We absolutely love the grandeur of the art deco frontage and the aviation theme running strong throughout the building. What a place.

What channels are big companies like this turning to in 2017? Direct marketing? Apps? Social? Maybe all of those – but the big winner at the moment is virtual reality. In fact, VR is the fastest growing skill amongst the huge, global community of online freelancers. Much like 3D, VR has initially struggled to gain traction, though adoption and execution is growing rapidly, so maybe we will start to see it catch-on as a channel for communication. Bloomberg Technology explore this further right here.

“Billings on VR projects grew more than 30-fold from the same period a year earlier, according to data provided by Upwork, a website that connects freelancers with employers.”

And finally, something that really grabbed my interest in the last couple of weeks was this vlog from Casey Neistat in which he interviewed Molly Burke, a blind YouTuber. It’s easy to get excited about VR, AI, and suchlike, but simultaneously take for granted just how essential our sense of sight is in experiencing all of these channels and more.

Molly relies on light, shadow and sound to become aware of her surroundings. She also has a guide dog that responds to French commands. It’s fascinating to see someone build such a strong and visual web presence despite these challenges.


1 comment on “ballroom Blitz No. 002”

Shaneen McEvoy says:

What a wonderful collection of memorabilia the Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel have amassed for their Clipper Lounge. An insightful and interesting look at the history of travel, and so tastefully displayed too!

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