We are theblueballroom (you can call us tbbr) – simply brilliant communications specialists based in Farnham, Manchester and Hong Kong.


From employer branding through to alumni, our work touches everywhere on the employee lifecycle. We like to think we make business better for our clients through our work on strategic internal communications consultancy, creative campaigns and delivering change programmes that really make a difference.

Our clients know us as the agency that gets things done. Not only do we think strategically, we also deliver practical solutions to build energy and productivity in the companies we work with.


We understand global business. We understand how important employees are to a business and we know how to make them feel good about the work they do. We’re passionate about reaching the hearts and minds of the audiences we are looking to target, wherever they are working in an organisation.

Remote workers? No problem. This is our bread and butter. We understand gritty work environments and what it’s like to have no digital access. We creatively work around that to create internal communications that really engage our audiences.


Our vision is to be a globally respected business, offering internal communications across multiple sectors; delivering innovative products with brilliant customer service – loving what we do along the way.

And we really do love what we do. Whether that’s delivering leadership training, running focus groups to test a new strategy or delivering an extensive rewards programme on a global scale. We’re flexible, we listen to our clients and we challenge them, ensuring the work we do is the best it can be.


Sheila Parry

Founder & Consultant

I set up the agency to champion better communications in business and feel we have grown with the sector, as more and more organisations have tuned in to the value of people and creating positive cultures in the workplace. I am really optimistic about the future of work and know that we can contribute to our clients’ success.

My passions are my family and friends, seeing the world, on foot or on skis, so I try to combine as many of these factors as I can and escape as often as possible.

Kate Shanks

Managing Director

I completely love my job. One minute I’ll be writing copy and the next, thinking about a strategic engagement plan for our clients. Every day is different. My ultimate goal is to have a happy team who do amazing things for our global client base.

Outside work, I’m never happier than being in the great outdoors and finishing a day off with cooking for my gorgeous family and friends.

Ben Horsley

Creative Director

I love the player/manager approach – rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck in with pitches, strategy, brand design, and content, but also passing the ball to our talented studio team to deliver tremendous work to clients all over the world.

Despite the above terminology, I don’t like football. When I’m not behind a desk, I’m probably behind a camera, drill, steering wheel, or plane seat (unless I get the front row, which is frustratingly rare).

Emily Bateman

Marketing & New Business Manager

I am often your first point of call – have a challenge to discuss? A brief to dissect? Then I’m your girl. I love diving into a new brief, understanding your needs and working with our creative and account team to showcase a range of ideas.

Away from tbbr you will find me soaking up nature, practising yoga and planning my next travel adventure!

Becki Wilkinson

HR Manager

I manage everything people-related, ensuring that the team have the support they need to do their jobs as best they can. I could spend my time working on an exciting new vacancy in the team, planning training or thinking up a new wellbeing initiative.

Working for an SME is definitely the best way to spend my HR days, as it keeps it varied!

Tracey Newman

Accounts & Office Manager

Logic, efficiency and creativity flow together in my finance role ensuring suppliers, customers, staff and Her Majesty’s offices needs’ are met and maintained.

I’m passionate about my working environment, eclectic musical taste and travelling this globe. A beach, a good book and a cold beer are always welcome distractions!


Cara Jenkins

Senior Account Manager

I’m a central point between translating a client brief into fantastic work from our designers and writers, whether that’s a communications plan, an employee app or an employee engagement campaign.

Outside work I’m kept busy by my two children, an occasional run, the French that I’m learning, and cycling round Manchester, where I live.

Nicky Redmond

Account Manager

I love working with clients identifying effective ways to achieve results that make a difference (and have some fun). Working from the brief through to the final result, it’s amazing to be involved in making something fabulous.

I enjoy travelling, both with work and personally, and have an adorable border collie who comes along for my many long rambles.

Shaneen McEvoy

Account Manager

Providing the best service possible for my clients is my main priority. This means having an open and transparent relationship, which ultimately means a good end result and a happy client. I always find a good sense of humour goes a long way.

I enjoy time spent with family and friends, I go to boot camp classes in the week, and exploring new cities; therefore travel is my biggest pleasure.

Sophie Collins

Account Manager

I have been at tbbr since 2010 and have seen one our core clients DHL grow from strength to strength. I love the relationships we have here. I am known for my attention to detail and ability to juggle multiple parts of a project efficiently.

Juggling is definitely second nature to me – must be credit to my two gorgeous little children who keep me on my toes!

Abbey Moring

Account Executive

I’m hands-on with client accounts across many industries and I support campaign delivery for those clients. So I have to be organised and adaptable. I enjoy working in a fast-paced environment.

I’m known for my love of music and travel. I like to explore new places near and far, particularly enjoying festivals!


Gill Siemak

Senior Designer

As a visual person my pet hate is pages of text, so I enjoy nothing more than breaking it up and making it attractive to help people understand complex strategies. There are so many lovely things to use out there that make creativity endlessly enjoyable.

Out of work I am usually dreaming about my next outdoor adventure, but in reality I am either in the garden, at the gym or sculpting something out of stone.

David Ladkin

Multimedia Designer

Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, there isn’t much I’ve not tried my hand at. Clients call on me for all things design, but bringing a brief to life an is what I really love to do, whether it’s print, digital, or experiential – visualising our ideas is exciting.

Despite my years, I’m still an adrenaline junkie at heart, whether it’s taking to the track or alpine roads in my Elise, or braving the treacherous Surrey roads on my cycles.

Stephen Robinson


I’m your go-to guy for video! I’ve spent the last two years at tbbr building my skills in 3D and animation. The best kind of project is when a client asks for a ‘spine-tingling’ or ‘climatic’ movie. It’s a great feeling engaging people through pictures.

I enjoy playing five-a-side football and globetrotting with my girlfriend. I’m happiest when I’m down the pub with my mates having a beer or two – simple pleasures!

Christopher Dean

Senior Content Manager

I’m passionate about bringing content to life for the target audience – keeping it simple, keeping it direct, keeping it real. Video scripts, people stories, business features, strategic narratives, elevator speeches etc – you name it, I write ’em.

I’m happiest on the beach trying to surf or in the wild trying not to get lost.

Sophie Pentony

Content & Account Manager

As Rudyard Kipling once said: “Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind.” Getting to know our clients and finding the right language for an audience is so important. Engaging people through those words is what I do, together with project management to keep me on my toes.

Away from work you’ll find me in the kitchen, the heart of our home, if not cooking then planning the next adventure in my quest to scoff, sip and sightsee my way around the globe with my little family.

We are an intelligent communications agency, inspiring better business across the world.


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